Welcome to the Plasma and Dielectrics Laboratory at Georgia Tech ECE Department. (Postdoc positions for Fall 2019)

In the Plasma and Dielectrics Lab we conduct research in the field of gas, liquid, and solid dielectrics for various applications including switchgear, superconducting power devices, and DC infrastructure for terrestrial, naval, and aerospace systems. We target research challenges with high societal impact and solve problems based on disruptive technologies and innovative concepts. Our lab, located in the NEETRAC facility, is equipped with ultra-high vacuum systems for the characterization of switchgear contacts, high pressure chambers for the characterization of gases and supercritical fluids, a liquid-nitrogen-cooled cryostat for the investigation of cryogenic dielectrics, high current power supplies that deliver up to 900 A, high voltage power supplies rated up to 60 kV, and instrumentation for data acquisition and system automation. We are conducting experiments on plasma, cryogenic power electronics, switchgear contacts, heat pipe bushing, high current impulse generators and looking forward to new research challenges to come.